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Bridging the gap - together.

 Our approach to education and advocacy is rooted in our mission to meet people where they are - physically, financially, and educationally. We offer accessible programming through a collaborative, community-based approach.

Everyone's Collective
Zero-Waste Store

Our zero/low waste store, located in Pontiac, Illinois, provides convenient and affordable access to sustainable, locally-sourced everyday goods like refillable soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, second-hand clothing, bamboo toothbrushes, and more. 


The goal of our zero-waste store is to universalize sustainable consumption by providing access to ethically sourced, zero-waste consumer products.


The Collective
Food Forest

The Collective Food Forest, created and maintained by young people, is a public garden that grows free food year-round for at-risk community members in Pontiac who would like to visit and harvest fresh produce. The mission of
the food forest is to help alleviate two inextricably linked global crises - food insecurity and climate change - starting in rural communities.


The Collective Club

The Collective Club, supported by the National Geographic Society, provides opportunities for local students to learn about topics in sustainability and conservation through hands-on activities and crafts. Past activities include making paper out of recycled paper scraps, zero-waste bird feeders, and seed balls.


Check the Everyone's Collective Facebook or Instagram for the next Collective Club class. 



Rooted in our mission to meet people where they are, we offer our services and uplift the work of others through our ECommunity. We offer free workshops, speaker series, and activities to schools and educational groups. We also help connect folks to the work of our partners and friends in the space.



We are so grateful to collaborate with organizations, municipalities, and education groups to offer free opportunities like environmental festivals, community action days, and sustainability workshops. We also work with ethically-minded businesses to help offer sustainable alternatives.

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