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Community-based solutions for rural communities.

Everyone’s Collective (ECo) is a 501(c)(3) environmental education space and zero-waste shop in Pontiac, Illinois. ECo's mission is to help close the environmental education and action gap in rural communities. We create content and accessible programming that engages these traditionally marginalized communities in environmental education, community action projects, and sustainable consumerism. This approach has helped encourage thousands to take action for a sustainable future.


ECo's conservation programming and education efforts focus on the following topics:


  • Protecting species + spaces

  • Consumption + waste

  • Climate change + local impact


Our Goals

  1. Bridge the environmental education gap with programming that meets the realities, needs, and barriers of rural communities.  

  2. Equip community members with tools and opportunities to take local and global action for a sustainable and abundant future. 

  3. Universalize sustainable consumption by providing access to ethically sourced, zero-waste consumer products.


Our approach to education and advocacy is rooted in our mission to meet people where they are - physically, financially, and educationally.

Throughout the year, we host many workshops and community events in collaboration with local grassroots organizations, schools, and sustainable businesses. 


Our History

ECo was founded by Baylee Ritter, an environmental educator and advocate with over 10 years of experience in community-based change-making. Baylee's advocacy work has spanned many environmental issues, including pharmaceutical recycling, plastic pollution prevention, ocean conservation, and endangered species protection and repopulation. Baylee is a National Geographic Young Explorer, Master Naturalist, and a Heartland Community College Educator who serves as the director of Everyone's Collective.


Since opening the brick-and-mortar space in May of 2021, ECo has empowered thousands of people to take action for our shared planet and transition to a eco-friendly lifestyle.

A Brief Note

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